When I was eighteen and on the brink of graduation life was carefree. It was 1992. “Move This” by Technotronic and “People Everyday” by Arrested Development were on high rotation at end of the year house parties. There was no email account to keep on top of, no Facebook friends, no curated Instagram galleries, no Twitter feeds, and no Snapchat. If we made plans to meet up we showed up – on time or late – there was no option to text a message.

I believed I was on my way to New York City to become a writer. I had visited the city a few years earlier and the allure of the big apple remained for me, like for so many others, a beacon of creativity. But life had other plans.

I took the road less traveled. My wanderlust took me to far away places. Oftentimes I followed my heart. That long ago lofty ambition of living the life of a Brooklyn based writer was but a fading memory. After years of searching for who I was and where I belonged I figured it out. Not in bustling Brooklyn but in a sleepy suburb in Boston. I was ready to put teaching on hold and give this writing thing a solid go. It’s been six years since I took that leap of faith. I started strong and then life happened. Marriage. A baby. A move. And then a second baby a year later and another move.

Writing became so much more than my profession. It became my connection to the outside world. It is what gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from a growing roster of talented, creative people.

I fell into a permanent pattern of living abroad – an existence that makes for a treasure chest of tales.  My writing remains to be the constant companion in the merry go round of houses in which I reside; the various streets I wander, and the fantastic (and not so fantastic) foods I discover in each new country I call home. Social media is filled with faces and places from around the world, which mirror my reality.

Twenty-five years ago, fresh out of high school, I did not have the confidence to make that move to NYC.  I was easily swayed by the opinions of others. I did not yet know the power of intuition. Marriage, motherhood and life experience inspire me to keep moving forwards. This website is me pursuing my passion with a persistence I never knew I had. Welcome.